Oct 19, 2014

Princess's DYW Scholarship Pageant - 2nd Night

Princess on the far right - Opening Number
Personal Expression
So the Distinguished Young Woman of Utah has been selected and it wasn't my beautiful and awesome Princess, but she did a fantastic job in the program and she learned so much. I would still recommend the experience, but next time I think we will work harder on doing a better job with the paperwork.

Princess tends to be humble and modest about her own accomplishments and we probably should have been a bit more braggy and vocal in this situation.

I was so proud of her last night! She has poise and stage presence. She comes across as real and not rehearsed. She is beautiful inside and outside.

And we celebrated that beauty and her genuine spirit by heading to Applebees for 1/2 price apps. The manager came by and when we told him why we were there he even gave her a free dessert.

Now that's definitely a winner!
Celebrating at Applebees

Oct 18, 2014

Princess's DYW Scholarship Pageant - First Night

Princess looked so beautiful last night! The Distinguished Young Women break their program into two nights because with 32 participants, it would have been extremely long.

Princess was in the opening number, the closing number, and she did her talent. I took such a long video of her talent that my phone shut down so now I can't share it with you. But I did manage to take a few pics with my sweetie's phone so you could get an idea.

We had some time to talk with her after the event was over and before she was whisked away to the host family for one more evening. She is so sweet. She doesn't care if she wins. She would like some scholarship money, but she feels like this is SOO much more important to some of these girls than it is to her. She says they have been prepping for it for over a year. Princess just thought it would be fun and a good experience for her.

So for tonight's final program, we are happy, no matter what happens. Our Princess is already a Distinguished Young Woman, if she represents the state of Utah or not.

Oct 17, 2014

Dancing at the GS National Convention

Guess it really is a down week because last night when I tried to write a post for you, my internet was down.

I really wanted to share with you too! We attended the Girl Scout National Convention opening ceremony last night. WOW! That's all I can say.

OK, maybe I can say a little more. It was crazy! Kind of like a massive Tupperware rally on steroids. They said there were about 6000 people there and I believe it. It was pretty amazing. They started off with a flag ceremony that led into a roll call of sorts. They had flags from every nation that has girl scouts, then they brought in flags from all the states and territories. Each time one was announced, people from that state or area would stand up and cheer and raise flags.

Then the National CEO spoke for a bit and our Council CEO. We had videos from Michelle Obama and Governor Herbert. Then the mayor of Salt Lake spoke to us. The keynote speaker was Alison Levine, author of ON THE EDGE. She did an amazing job!

But the best part was watching my girls dance. I just wish that part would have been a little longer and we would have been closer to the front. I'm hoping somebody will post the whole thing to YouTube so I can watch them all instead of the Jumbotrons.

Baby Doll made friends with an older grandma scout from Kentucky. She even gave her a little bracelet swap. Today we are going back over with the troop to visit their Hall of Experiences. I'll let you know how that goes.

Princess also has her first night of the DYW pageant tonight, so we will be running all day.

And last but not least, we had an electrician over today to put in an extra circuit for the Dog Walker's lights.

We don't want his Halloween display going "down" this week.

Oct 16, 2014

Down Week

So here you have it. My one claim to fame for the day. I actually made 9 quarts of grape jelly and dinner... usually on canning days I don't make dinner, so I was feeling pretty good about it.

My sweetie has been home all week and he was way more productive than me. He has been cleaning cars, making my hat patterns for the Pinewood Derby next month, and just doing general maintenance around the house.

I've been having my down week. The one where I try to relax a little and pull my life together. I'm not doing a very good job. I sit in front of my desk and stare at the pile of paperwork that screams for my attention. I was supposed to get Princess's car through inspection and emissions while she was gone this week. And I just discovered the birthday invitation for Curly that I never put on the calendar and he missed last Saturday.

Remember my Saturday? But I still would have made it happen. Somehow.

Ohhh, I'm starting to sound whiney. I'm sorry. It must be time for bed. One thing I have been doing pretty well this week is sleeping. :)

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