Apr 29, 2016

Guest Blog: Educational Blogs by the Dog Walker

As you may have saw my comment on the previous post, I was asked that I should write about Autism Awareness Month, but I didn't know that with a little bit of thinking I would just go and do it, but when I got there, Mom already finished it. I felt like I"ve either let her down or I took advantage of her. She told me that I did neither of those things. I was just tired, because of all the exaggeration with finishing the semester of college. And speaking about the semester of college, I took some classes that required me to have a blog. I just felt like that I wanted to write to you about a few blogs that I made a long time ago and some that are made recently. Some are dealt with education and some are dealt with entertainment. If you would like, I have a list of them linked all on here. They might sound familiar already, but I just wanted to show you the blogs that I made and I'm hoping that throughout the rest of a life-time, I could be able to write a little more on each one. There are some blogs that I've laid off and I just wish I went back to write a bit more on them, but I was just so darn busy with other things, like school, and I just got hired to working at Wal-Mart to earn money for a future. Ever since I got hired, my dad suggested to me that I should set up a financial goal to earn a new car, since the green Toyota cruiser is getting close to being shipped to a Salvage Yard. Okay, I'm totally going off subject here. I just wanted to show you the blogs that I made and I hope that they will show you about my perspective and what I've been learning.

The Art of Autism

Utah Boy Scouts

Kiylee's Christmas

You're the Special Child

LDS Lit. Reviews

Yule Love This Story

I'm hoping that you find all these blogs fun to look and explore at. I just need to adjust my time and start writing a little more on each of these blogs. Just so that I can get some of the followers back, especially KaHolly. She has been my top follower from The Art of Autism, and maybe with this post, she'll be back to being my online blog friend. As well as Marci too.

Apr 28, 2016

Autism Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Autism Awareness month?
A few days ago my sweetie came home from the store with a blue light. The packaging said it was for Autism Awareness and we were supposed to replace one of our garage lights with it.

The Dog Walker couldn't wait to get up on the ladder and add our blue bulb to the green one we put up several months ago because our dads were veterans.

Living with Autism all these years has been a challenge, but one that we have embraced as the Dog Walker has gotten older. Do we still have crazy moments when he loses it? Of course we do! Especially when he is under a lot of stress like he has been this week. It's finals week and as if that weren't enough, he started working at his new job last week. Either one of those things might have been enough to put him over the edge, but with both combined, it's almost inevitable.

Like today, for instance. He suddenly exploded about something that happened earlier in the week that made him unhappy. It was totally unprovoked and their were no reminders that I saw that would have prompted that sort of behavior.

Then it is time for calming him down and reminding him everything will work out. Sometimes I even start singing Primary Songs for him so he will calm down and live in the moment instead of the past. I will be so glad when school is finally out for him. He has one more assignment for his Autism class and a few small things for his math class besides the final exam. A week from now, we won't have to worry about school for him until September.

Apr 27, 2016

Our Missionaries

It's been a long time since anyone left me a message on my Ask Me tab, but yesterday an anonymous reader wondered if any of our children have served missions. I'm guessing this must be someone fairly new to my blog because we have done many posts on our missionaries, but I will give you a quick run down.

Teach was our first missionary. She was called to serve in the Texas Ft. Worth mission in the spring of 2013. She left right before Easter and returned in August of 2014. Her husband, Twiz, served in the same mission and although they were not good friends, they knew of each other. When they met up at a mission reunion last fall, that was all it took for the seed to blossom into a romance.

The Dog Walker was our second missionary. He has Autism as you know, and he was not allowed to serve a proselyting mission far from home. We were able to have him serve for 18 months as a Young Church Service missionary working in the Special Needs seminaries around the valley. He absolutely loved his mission and was very sad when it was finally over. He has asked more than once if he might be able to serve again.

Drama Queen was our 3rd missionary. She also decided to serve as a Young Church Service missionary for the Church's motion picture studios. Her mission started in June of 2015 and she will be finished sometime next month. She has been updating their database and she spent several months manning the front desk.

Our last (for the moment) missionary is Bossy. She accepted a call to serve in the Family Search group in January of 2016. Her service is scheduled for one year and she answers phone calls for a couple of hours a day assisting people with their family history work.

Apr 26, 2016

Meeting Mark and Caralyn Buehner

Last week a lady from the PTA called me and asked if I could help sit with Curly's class during the Teacher's Appreciation breakfast while they had an assembly. It didn't sound too bad, so I agreed. I didn't realize what I was getting into...

It was truly one of the most interesting assemblies I have ever sat in on. The speakers were Caralyn and Mark Buehner, author and illustrator of one of our favorite children's books, Snowmen at Night. They also did Fanny's Dream, another amazing story, as well as a couple dozen more.

I wasn't exactly fan-girling (that's one of Prima Donna's favorite terms), but I was certainly enjoying learning about their journey into the publishing world. I love reading aloud to my kids, and it was so fun to hear the way Caralyn read us her own stories.

But my favorite part was when Mark started drawing for us on the white board. He could do better in 10 seconds than I could do if I slaved all day. I love his paintings and he brought some originals in to show us. I don't know if the kids were as interested as I was in learning about this amazing husband and wife team, mostly because I was too busy paying attention to pay attention.

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