Aug 28, 2015

Guest Blog: "I Slipped and Fell and Broke my Leg." by Prima Donna

So I started school this week and if I had a dollar for every time someone asked about my leg, I would be stinking rich.  There's the people who want to know how much longer, those that ask how it happened, and of course there's always the, "Can I ride your scooter?"  I normally let them but once a boy asked me as I was walking out of class... I still don't know how he thought that was going to work out.

It has for sure been a hassle but there's also perks.  I get to ride the elevator, which is a lot less sketchy than I thought it would be.  No one cares if I'm late to class or leave a few minutes early, actually they have to let me do that.  The lunch lady gives me extra fries, the list goes on and on.  My favorite pro though is that I made a new friend, I was headed to the elevator to take it up to English and low and behold another girl with a scooter is waiting by the elevator, so we rode up together and we just so happen to be in the same English class!

The worst part about a broken leg isn't all the questions or the pain.  Its the uncertainty.  When will I be able to walk again?  Will I be able to do the musical?  When will I have the energy and ability to easily walk up stairs to sleep in my bed every night?  Its terrifying.  Much more terrifying than the surgery or the fall itself, because those were split second things I had no control over.  The stuff I'm worried about I also don't have control over but those things will last for months and in the long run are so much scarier.

So that's how I'm doing.  If you have any questions feel free to comment, and I'll try to answer.  See ya!

Aug 27, 2015

Crafty's Experiments

I'm pretty sure I told you Crafty was taking a year's worth of Earth Science this summer as a special project for one of her Honors classes. She has had some crazy experiments including this one where she tried to show the Greenhouse Effect by melting wax in a glass container vs. just outside in the heat.

The container definitely got hotter!

I was fine with that one although some of them have cost me money, like the one where she had to have white carnations so she could dye them colors with water and food coloring. Or the one where she needed some other flowers so she could basically kill them...

Not that I'm complaining, I know school is expensive and since she is taking it from the Electronic High School, there were no costs for tuition.

But honestly, I had to draw the line on this one. It was called Wormology and after I purchased a dozen healthy nightcrawlers at Marketplace, I took myself out of the project. And I was a little offended when they were analyzing each one at my kitchen table.

I never used to be bothered by nightcrawlers. My brother and I had a healthy business when we were kids, pulling them at night and selling them as fishbait to the neighbors. I wasn't quite so squeamish then.

I am happy to report that as soon as she was finished, I handed the whole cup of them to Gamer so he could go fishing and then I went to the sink to scrub.

Aug 26, 2015

My First Day of School

OK, I didn't actually GO to school.

Princess told me she took a pic of Crafty today, but it doesn't seem to be on anybody's phone. If I can find it, I will put it in for you. It's been one of those days.

You know, the first day of school is rough for the kids. They get to dress up in cute new clothes and carry colorful new backpacks, and see their friends for the first time in months. Yeah, they do have to sit through classes and meet new teachers, but it beats what I had to do today, all in the name of the first day of school.

I started my morning at 6:30....6:40. I hit the snooze button once on my phone. I got the kids up (except that I sort of forgot that Prima Donna needed to go to school early and she was almost late.) I took her to school and then I dropped off Scout. The carpool picked up Crafty and Sport and Teach took off for work right before the Drama Queen and Princess left for mission/school.

Baby Doll and I ran Curly to school and then when we got home, she told me everyone was gone and we should take a nap. So we did... for an hour.

Then it was time to get the Dog Walker off to his appointment for his new job. It turns out we were supposed to be there at 10, not 11, but thankfully, they were not upset and they got him through orientation. Then we were off and running errands. Baby Doll and I first stopped at Riverton Music, but they didn't have the book that Sport needed, so we drove about 40 blocks to Summerhays where they did happen to have it and the cork grease Scout needed for her clarinet.

Then we stopped by the scout shop and picked up the Lifesaving Merit Badge book because Sport is taking a class all week right after school and before football practice. But I digress...

We took 20 minutes trying to get Curly's registration figured out and we bought him a scout shirt (he was so excited to try it on tonight!). Then we went to Marketplace and bought Sport a calculator for his math class, the 3-subject notebook Crafty needed and 36 boxes of blackberries at 50-cents a piece.

We stopped at the fruit stand to check for peaches for my Activity Days girls, I'm going to teach them to can peaches on Thursday, but nothing was quite right. We may have to run to Utah County tomorrow. Then it was home, but only long enough to grab a sandwich and make the fliers for pack meeting. We still didn't have a firm plan on how we were going to present two Arrows of Light when we had to be outside because they were refinishing the gym floor.

We packed in the car and drove to the doctor's office so the Dog Walker could have a TB test for his new job. He is terribly afraid of needles and he wasn't very happy. Then it was Kohl's to buy some white t-shirts with my Kohl's Kash that Sport needed for gym class. Then it was Sports Authority for the Lacrosse Ball, Stretch Rope, and KT support tape Princess needed for her dance class. We finished just in time to pick up Prima Donna from school and drop off the Dog Walker to pick up papers he needed for his Praxis accommodations from the Special Ed teacher.

Baby Doll and I ran fliers for Pack Meeting and then picked up the Dog Walker to help us finish. We got back to the house just in time to take Sport to his Lifesaving class and by then I had wrapped my brain around a plan for pack meeting. We gathered all the PVC bows and arrows and I sent the Dog Walker after gold curly ribbon while I went back to Marketplace for dowels to make more arrows and I couldn't resist buying 24 more boxes of blackberries and some freezer bags (there was no way I had time to do jam).

Curly and Scout
When I got back home, I set Princess on blackberry duty and Drama Queen on bow and arrow duty, and I also had Princess cut all my backing papers for my invitations to my dad's big birthday bash so that I can get them mailed out to my siblings tomorrow. He is turning 80. But I digress... again...

I drove to Bossy's house to pick up her extra bows for pack meeting and got back just in time to run Curly to Football practice. On the way back from dropping Curly, I picked up Sport from Lifesaving and took him home to get ready for football practice. He had 15 minutes and he was pretty unhappy. Bossy was at the house, so I packed the basket for pack meeting in the time I had before it was time to drive to the park. Taco also needed a ride to his practice.

Time check... 5:30. Pack meeting started at 6:30. Princess had put the finishing touches on the 96 cupcakes she made for me after school and the Dog Walker had changed into his scout things, so we packed the van. At 6:15 we left for the church. It wasn't too difficult to set up our portion of the pack meeting and get the awards ready to present.

I helped the Dog Walker with all the rank advancements except the Arrows and then sent everyone to eat hot dogs before they got cold. I was fine with that because it was time for me to run to the park and pick up Curly. We got back just in time to wolf down a hot dog and help the Dog Walker with the rest of the awards including the cubs shooting off the arrows with gold ribbons in honor of the final advancement of these two cub scouts. It went really well, even better than I had hoped. After that I joined in the kickball game and the cleanup. We got home just in time to unload the van before I had to pick up Sport from practice. It was 8:30.

I had already sent out my reminders for volleyball and I had a few minutes to change my clothes before it was time to leave again. We set up the volleyball poles and net at 9:00 and eventually we had 12 people which was just perfect. We played until about 10:30, cleaned up and drove home. Drama Queen had the little ones in bed, but the house was a disaster. Not that I could do anything about that until after we had finished the homework check.

The Dog Walker was super upset to realize he had a bunch of math problems due. He and Princess sat at the table and worked through the homework for the two classes they share while I loaded dishwashers and cleaned up the living room and kitchen. I sorted and checked backpacks, signed papers, wrote checks...

The Dog Walker and Princess went to bed at 1:00 and I made my way here to the office to update you on my first day of school. It was rough, but if you ask my kids, I had it easy compared to them.

Aug 25, 2015

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school for most of my kids. Prima Donna started her senior year at the high school and Sport started 7th grade at the middle school.

The Dog Walker and Princess started their first day at UVU. It was quite an adventure for us. Princess rode down with the Drama Queen since she needed to go for her mission anyway. Baby Doll and I decided we would ride the Frontrunner (train) with the Dog Walker to campus and then we would ride back home.

The whole trip took us a couple of hours, but it was fun to ride the train and watch the Dog Walker get on the shuttle bus to campus. He did mostly well with his first try at public transportation on his own. Except that when he got out of class and hopped on the shuttle to ride it back to the train station, he accidentally got on the wrong bus and within 20 minutes, he was at BYU! That was a little stressful, but the bus driver told him how to find the train station in Provo and other than the fact that he was 30 minutes later than we were expecting, all was well.

Crafty doesn't start until tomorrow, so I will share a few more pics about the first day of school then.
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