Feb 10, 2016

Ready for the Wedding

OK, I'm ready for the wedding now.

I'm no good at selfies, it's much brighter in real life.
My fundraiser presentation at the high school went very well this morning. So well, in fact that they asked me for 5 more packets! Prima Donna said I didn't embarrass her too much, so that's a good thing.

After that I went over to SuperCuts so my dear friend, Melissa, could supervise the coloring of my hair. I've told you about the classes before, where we get free cuts and color while they are retraining their stylists. I called Melissa over the weekend and asked if she could include me in the class so I could look good for the wedding. She was happy to oblige.

When I first got there, we talked about what to do with my blue streak left over from football season. We decided to try to lift the dye out, but it didn't work very well and the color was a sickly green, so we decided to embrace the wedding colors and they dyed my blue streak purple.

The funny thing is that when I got home, none of the children even noticed for more than an hour. Does that mean they never look at me or they are just not very observant?

Tomorrow Twiz's family is coming for dinner. We haven't met them yet, so this is a pretty big deal. It will be his parents and grandparents as well as his little brothers and sister. Maybe I'll take some pics and share them with you tomorrow if his family doesn't mind.

Feb 9, 2016

Wedding Video Coming Right Up

At the risk of revealing names (it's not like you couldn't easily find them anyway...) I'm so excited to share the wedding video with you!

Drama Queen did such a great job. She is so talented with technology. If someone assigned this job to me, I think it would be next February before I had it done and she did it in less than a day.

Let me know what you think.

Feb 8, 2016

Happy Birthday to The Beast

It was a beautiful Sabbath Day. Church was nice and quiet, with no speaking assignments or anything today. After the meetings we met in the Bishop's office so that Prima Donna could be set apart as the Laurel Class President and Crafty could be set apart as the Mia Maid Class 1st Counselor. They will both have way more responsibilities at church now.

Crafty did my hair
After that we hurried home to make a nice Italian dinner for The Beast's birthday party. My job was to make the parmesan chicken and the scones. My sweetie got to do the vegetables and the pasta alfredo. The party started at 4:30 and The Beast was a good sport about having the Super Bowl playing in the background. My family seems to love the Denver Broncos, so they were very happy when the Broncos came out victorious.

The Beast was gracious and grateful for each gift he was given. He loved the Tupperware and the cutting board we gave him. We sang and ate cake and ice cream and then visited until he had to leave. He was traveling tonight for his bank, so he couldn't stay very late. That's why we started at 4:30 instead of our usual 6:30.

Here we go, the beginning of Wedding Week!

Feb 7, 2016

Happy Saturday!

It's the last Saturday before Teach's wedding. Honestly, it's just about as busy as every other Saturday except that Teach got her apartment today and even though Twiz was working, she recruited a bunch of her siblings to help her move in. Princess stayed home and baked cookies most of the morning for the wedding. Hope I have enough room for everything in the freezer!

Crafty went rock climbing for the 9th grade adventure activity, and Sport enjoyed the MathCounts competition. And I mean it. He really did enjoy it even though he was dreading it all week. His school came in 5th out of 18 teams, so that was pretty good!

Bossy and Gamer are getting their first foster placements on Wednesday, so they are stressing and trying to get ready for two little boys.

Scout had her first Giselle practice and then went to her basketball game and made 14 points! It was the best game she has ever played. Curly had his last game and he made 10 points. I love that my kids can shoot, but I'm even more impressed that they are interested and work hard at all aspects of the game. Sport missed his game because of the MathCounts competition.

Yesterday I think I told you I went to DARE graduation for Taco, but I promised him I would put up pics and with all the ones from the party, there just wasn't any room. So here you go. I love the DARE program because even if the kids don't remember about drugs and why they shouldn't abuse them, they get that positive interaction with the police officers instead of just thinking they are evil.

I also filled up at the gas station and I paid less than $21 for 35 gallons of gas! I got it for 59 cents a gallon with my Smith's card. That is cheaper than gas was when I was a teenager. I just keep waiting for the economy to fall apart...

Happy Saturday!

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